Welcome to "Top-horse"

We offer selected Sport horses from foal to International Champion. We have been selling horses to Amateurs, Kids and Professionals to the US, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, VAE, Iran, Syrius, Libanon, Spain and many other places. European Sporthorses are our business.We know what we talking about we compete on our own and we have kids they are riding. Feel free to contact us for further information and enjoy the horses.

"Top-horse" offers full service

  • Individual search for sport horses and sport ponies for jumping, dressage, hunters and equitation
  • Search for broodmares, foals and approved breeding stallions, according to your needs
  • Video taping of possible candidates to facilitate a pre-selection of suitable horses of your choice
  • We arrange all of your travel in Germany and other parts of Europe to find the perfect horse for you
  • Export support for the horse to your home country (we coordinate with veterinarians, shipment agencies, import agents, etc.)
  • Management and training at home and at the show; arrange shows and stabling while your trip in Europe

Top-Horse.de Uli Collée Tel. +49 1761 696 06 64      Andreas Krieg Tel. +49 172-741 68 74 - E-Mail info@top-horse.de